“Participating in Amy Rasdal’s ‘Land a Project Now’ challenge was an extremely valuable experience for me. In this program, Amy provides a clear, step-by-step pathway to landing consulting projects and provides the necessary support for success. The clean, structured approach that Amy has developed from years of juggling motherhood and successful consulting practices, is an unbeatable and unique experience. If you are a mom interested in starting a part time or full time consulting practice, or have started your practice but have not yet made much progress, I definitely recommend Amy’s ‘Land a Project Now’ challenge. This program saves you a lot of time and energy by learning consulting best practices quickly and effectively, from someone who has been doing it successfully for so many years.”

Alina Stromberg

“Amy has been instrumental in organizing my go to marketing strategies to help structure my time and billable hours more productively and with focus. Her demonstrated success and experience has been a welcome relief to my daily struggles in time and resource management that has made a tremendous difference. Without Amy, I could never ‘Bill at the Beach’.”

Dan Trudo
San Diego Group Chair

“Amy has done a fantastic job breaking down the pieces of creating a consulting business to make it actionable for anyone who wants to do this work but doesn’t know how to get started. I also said that as much as it’s geared toward working mothers, ANYONE can benefit from this process.”

Susanna Shore
SGS Consulting

“Amy Rasdal brings a wealth of practical experience to anyone interested in launching a consulting practice. Her keen insight into the challenge of developing a new business coupled with her successful track record as a consultant makes her the ideal person to speak with- she is “the consultants’ consultant”. Each day I think about her guidance and advice as I grow my own practice.”

Steven B. Libman
The Libman Group

“Amy Rasdal and the Land a Project Now program came into my life with such divine timing. I was just a month away from leaving my corporate job when I first chatted with Amy and suddenly I felt less alone in my endeavor and more confident with my decision. You can tell she genuinely likes to help other moms and has the knowledge and experience to back up the info she shares.

The Land a Project Now program actually launched right when I left my job so it was the PERFECT time to be working with Amy. Our group was small but that ended up working out well. We all got to know each other on a personal level which made me feel more comfortable sharing my fears and insecurities. It’s scary to leave the “comfort” of a steady paycheck but when you see the success of others and know you have their support all of a sudden you a have new “comfort” and things just seem to work out. I credit this group 100% with the new found confidence in myself which helped me to land my first client, as well as charge a higher rate with the next client! “

Katie Malone
Digital Marketing Consultant
Katie Malone Marketing

“Amy is an incredible resource. She has experience with every aspect of independent consulting and is able to convey that experience in an easy to implement fashion. Her positive and encouraging attitude helped me focus on how to launch my business quickly and successfully.”

Bernard J. Greenspan, Ph.D.
Registered Patent Agent
Greenspan IP Management

“I’m so pleased that Amy has decided to follow her passion with the start of her new enterprise, “Billable at the Beach”, helping others to start independent businesses of their own. Starting in early 2005, Amy and I got to know one another when I supported her efforts to start an “Independent Consulting Group” where individuals who were in business for themselves could meet and share experiences, both good and bad to help each other achieve success. Since that time Amy has become a knowledgeable and recognized spokesperson for the “independent consultant”. She clearly understands what it takes to establish a successful and satisfying independent business. Now she is ready to share her valuable insights (do’s and don’ts) with others using an organized, simple and practical approach fined tuned in recent years through her own and others experiences with both success and failure.

If you are considering starting your own independent business, Amy can give you the real answers to your questions and provide guidance and help that will put you well ahead of the game from the start. In addition to the above, Amy is a great individual who I have the privilege of having as both a professional colleague and friend.”

Peter H. Kendall

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