Billable at the Beach® is a hands-on, practical approach to building a successful consulting business.
The mission of Billable at the Beach® is to both inspire and equip you to start your own consulting business so you can have the freedom and flexibility to live the life of your dreams, without sacrificing the career you’ve spent so long building. You can replace the full-time income you need, while living life on your terms.

Free Course

3 Action Steps to Generate Revenue NOW

The best way to get started as a consultant is to dive in. This free email course will walk you through three action steps to generate revenue now. If you start right away, you can be doing billable work as soon as next week.

Build Your 6-Figure Consulting Business

The Billable at the Beach® Build Your 6-Figure Consulting Business program will take you from right where you are (whether you’re brand new to consulting or already have some projects under your belt), to 6-figures and beyond.

In Build Your 6-Figure Consulting Business, I’ll walk you step-by-step through the process of building your 6-figure consulting business. With action-packed videos (that aren’t too long), a detailed workbook and lots of support, you’ll be putting a check in the bank in no time. We always focus on generating revenue first.

People sometimes ask me, “What can I learn from you that I couldn’t figure out on my own?” I always reply, “Absolutely nothing, but it took me 15 years, how long do you want to wait?”

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