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Amy Rasdal
Billable at the Beach

About Billable at the Beach®

Amy Rasdal traded her corporate job for consulting 15 years ago and makes more money than most executives. She works and plays every day. Amy founded Billable at the Beach® to liberate 6-figure earners by helping them build 6-figure consulting businesses. Amy is passionate about helping others find the freedom and flexibility to live the life of their dreams, without sacrificing the career they’ve spent so long building.

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5 Easy Networking Tips from a Former Wallflower

Networking is your single most important business activity. It is the best possible career insurance. It is the best possible use of your business development time. The sooner you embrace it, the more successful you will be.

Setting up an Independent Consulting Practice

In this episode, Laura and Sarah interview Amy Rasdal, an independent consultant who also runs Billable at the Beach®, where she helps 6-figure earners set up their own successful consulting practices. She talks about growing up as a “Silicon kid”, her role as a corporate superhero, and the best parts of doing remote work. She also gives some very practical advice — including her take on what 80% of independent consultants charge per hour!

How to Go from Employee to High-Value Consultant

Consulting is a great way to make the switch from employee to high-value entrepreneur. What are the advantages of consulting over having a corporate job? How do we get a steady stream of clients? How does consulting differ from coaching?

Build a Thriving Consulting Business with Happy Repeat Clients

Many would like to build a thriving consulting business with happy repeat clients. But how does one accomplish this task? In this episode, Adam Torres and Amy Rasdal, Founder at Billable at the Beach®, explore what it takes to build a 6-figure consulting business.

Decoding Independent Consulting – It’s Easier Than You Think

1) What do you need to get started in independent consulting? 2) What are the best things about being an independent consultant? 3) What is the hardest part of building a successful consulting business?
Listen to Amy’s interview on “The Exit Coach Radio Show” with Show Host, Bill Black, to find out.

How to Bill at the Beach

Listen to Amy’s conversation with Solopreneur Grind as they talk about:

  • Amy’s successful career in corporate and how that jumpstarted her career as an independent consultant
  • How Amy used her experience and network to start building her consulting business from scratch
  • Tips, tricks and lessons learned for anyone thinking about becoming a consultant or growing your own business

Building a Thriving Consulting Business

Geoff and Amy discuss how to build a thriving consulting business in this podcast episode. Listen as they break down what it takes to get started. Amy warns us not to hide behind our computers. She wants us to work and play every day.

Superhero, Superpower, Superpay

Don’t miss this podcast episode where Amy and Mark discuss the myth around starting your own business, how it’s easy to get started, what a consultant does, superhero-superpower-superpay, mic swap, and more!

Thinking of going solo?

Listen to host David Shriner-Cahn and Amy discuss:

  • A Silicon Valley kid on her path to becoming a startup CEO
  • The sweet spot of maximizing passion and pay together
  • Why you already have what it takes to become a consultant

Founder Helps Others Live the Life of Their Dreams

Learn how Amy helps others live the life of their dreams in her interview with the I AM CEO podcast

  • CEO Hack: Never let a day go without doing something toward networking, marketingand business development
  • CEO Nugget: Business is about relationships
  • CEO Defined: Freedom, flexibility and control

There’s no way you can make enough money, or can you?

Many people dream about walking away from their stressful, high-level, fast-paced careers. Listen to Carolyn and Amy discuss how to make more money as a consultant than you do as a 6-figure employee on the Let’s Coach with Carolyn Podcast.

Thinking about consulting?

Listen to Amy’s podcast interview on the The Walkshow Podcast with Walker Neer. Hear an honest conversation about what it’s like to be Billable at the Beach®.

How to Start a Consulting Business from Sunny San Diego

You can become a superhero possessing superpowers working super hours earning super pay as a consultant earning billable hours from anywhere in the world. While this may seem too good to be true, it may be that you haven’t yet met Amy Rasdal from Billable at the Beach who left her corporate job to live out her dream lifestyle while earning more than ever before.

Freedom and Flexibility: Working from the Beach with Amy Rasdal

In this episode, Amy Rasdal, Founder of Billable at the Beach, joins Rodney Flowers to share how you can find freedom and flexibility without sacrificing the career you built for years. Get to know Amy a bit more as she shares her journey from an office cubicle to the beach while still getting the same impact as a consultant. Tune in and find the freedom and flexibility from work you’ve always wanted.

Debunking the Time for Money Myth

On today’s episode Amy Rasdal discusses the problem with exchanging time for money and how you can break the cycle and have the freedom you desire.

The Rollercoaster of Entrepreneurship

On today’s episode Amy Rasdal returns to discuss the highs and lows of entrepreneurship and how passion can be critical for getting through the rough times leading to later success.

The Journey from Employee to Consultant

Learn about Amy’s journey from employee to consultant including advice, motivation and how she turned her weaknesses into strength on Roman Prokopchuk’s Digital Savage experience.

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