(San Diego, CA- February 18, 2014) – Announcing our fourth annual photo event! A professional head shot is required in today’s visual world. Why do you agonize over your resume or bio and then include a photo that your wife took in the backyard with a Canon Sure Shot?

On Friday, March 7, 2014, J.T. MacMillan, photographer extraordinaire, will be joining us to do professional photos. Each participant will have a speed photo session which will include high and low resolution versions of the chosen image. J.T. does my photos including the newest at Billable at the Beach®. You can view his portfolio at www.jtmacphoto.com.

Jeff Coleman participated in our photo event the first year. The photo on the right is his new and improved head shot.

While you are having your photo session, the rest of us will be covering some interesting topics:

  • Networking Mechanics and Metrics from a Former Wallflower – Amy Rasdal
  • Incorporating, Should I or Shouldn’t I? – Carey Lampel
  • Action Steps to Generate Revenue Now – Amy Rasdal
  • Open Networking

Carey Lampel www.ebsconsultinginc.com/carey-lampel is a tax strategist and attorney. She did my incorporation work in 2009 and assists me now with tax strategy and preparation. I heard her speak about whether or not to incorporate in 2009 and hired her immediately following the presentation. I pay A LOT less in taxes since I’ve been working with her.